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Banarasi Aloo Papad 250gms

Banarasi Aloo Papad 250gms

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-Aloo papad is indias old aged version of aloo chips

-The papad is made using Sendha Namak hence can be used in fasting as well

-These are Hand -rolled and Sun-dried in the ancinet city of Benaras.

-Its a super thin papad for those who like it paper crisp.

-You have missed out on something if you havent tried it once,trust us

-You can either microwave it,fry it,or just roast it.

-Serve it as a healthy snack or as an accompaniment for any meal.or just embellish your party menu with this delicacy for it makes a very popular party starter.literally,

Theres no Chemical,No Addeditives,No Colour,No Soda.

weight 500gms.