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Our Story


Because in the fertile mind of an intrepid entrepreneur, all it takes is just a tiny seed of an idea to be sown.

Once that happens, the seed is nurtured with abundant care, intense determination, superb innovation and a vision of excellence that is unmatched.
Then slowly but surely, from the seed emerge signs of life.

Those tiny green shoots of hope, signifying the beginning of a journey that evolves, expands and takes on a life of its own.
Bringing change, joy and satisfaction to everyone it meets on the journey. From a seed to a venture that is crafting its own remarkable recipe for growth!
This is the journey of CURRY PATTA – a journey that is delightfully fresh, and blessed with the wonderful flavors of success.
If you ask me, I would humbly say that the main ingredients in the great mix of things behind my highly successful food start up CURRY PATTA are my immense self-belief , consistent efforts and of course my passion.
A graduate from Red Carpet (PUNE) I completed my Masters in Culinary Arts from the highly prestigious City and Guild London (UK).
Food is a passion in the Bansal household and my father encouraged me to turn into a “FOODPRENEUR and venture into something challenging and different. It is his constant
encouragement that has helped me start and carry forward this dream project to a growing number of homes and professional kitchens.
For me, finding the right recipe to make my food venture taste success has been
a challenge on many fronts
The biggest challenge being - to source high quality food ingredients like spices
and pulses from their place of origin, to keep the taste as authentic as possible.
Additionally, I also had to create and sustain an environment of trust and acceptance
around the brand and its products.

Today, when I look back, I realize that this genuine desire to accomplish and offer something different has helped my venture CURRY PATTA to connect with customers on a deeper level.

I am proud to say that Our ‘NO COMPROMISE” emphasis on operational hygiene, quality and product consistency has seen kitchen doors open to us faster than any other food brand.
I know how difficult it is to please a homemaker who is so concerned about freshness, taste, health, price and more, when it comes to buying packaged food. To her, food for her family is everything. I am therefore immensely grateful to each and every one who has accepted and trusted our product range. Your vote of confidence is truly everything!
While studying and even while experimenting with different ingredients and recipes,
I have always consciously noticed and experienced that it is those tiny things and
touches that we add to something, that makes it so wonderful.
That is why I named my food venture CURRY PATTA”.
CURRY PATTA - such simple, fresh, beautiful things and just adding them
to a dish makes the taste come alive! 



CURRY PATTA - promoted and managed by me, Sangati Bansal - a young, dynamic and highly successful first generation entrepreneur - is a fast rising venture with a business model sharply focused on the highly competitive packaged food market space.

I am an accomplished culinary expert, having a completed my Masters in Culinary Arts from the prestigious City and Guild London (UK). 

What I have always aspired for - is creating a special niche of my own in the food business.

A niche that would bring me the satisfaction of seeing my food preparations
becoming a part of homes and families, plus deliver true delight to my customers!




Education complete and not one to follow a set routine, but rather being the one that thrived on disruption, I like every true entrepreneur was compelled to ask myself - WHAT NEXT? WHAT MORE?  WHAT DIFFERENT?

And soon I myself a really challenging task! 

A task to create a wholesome alternative to the traditional food habits and tastes, in her hometown Agra!

The bigger mission going forward being…
Get the traditional spicy tastes of North India to gracefully accept and welcome the sour tangy flavours from the South of India!

This disruptive zeal translated into a tangible business enterprise – CURRY PATTA.



Starting out in Agra as a home kitchen set up in 2017; to begin with CURRY PATTA had to match up to challenges on multiple fronts.

The immediate thing to deal with was of course the traditional cuisine, that was well entrenched in kitchens at homes, street corners and market shelves.

The biggest challenge for me and my team however, was getting people to accept the change we were proposing in food habits.  This was a daunting task since the ingredients, the recipe, cooking style, the taste; everything was totally different from the local cuisine.

This was almost like asking a homemaker in Agra to allow a stranger into her kitchen!

Another challenge was to source high quality food ingredients like spices and pulses from their place of origin, to keep the taste as authentic as possible. The next challenge was to achieve that perfect consistency in the batter and taste.

I invested in modern machinery, experimented with ingredients and soon the first batch of CURRY PATTA batter was ready for the market.

Instinctively understanding that a direct head on approach would not work well with homemakers, me and my team created a very subtle, yet smart and customer friendly approach. Team Curry Patta went about informing and educating homemakers, influencers and retailers in the immediate vicinity about CURRY PATA and the offerings it had.

It took time, but good food always cooks well on a slow fire isn’t it?

With quality, freshness and consistency in taste as its selling points things picked up. Slowly yet steadily, customers started asking for batter by CURRY PATTA and retailers started calling in to fill stocks.

Today, I am proud to say that CURRY PATTA has created a relishing product portfolio of gluten-free, vegan and zero preservative batters. It offers fresh idli- dosa batters, fresh chutneys, and authentic masalas, ready to eat upma mix. All prepared with hand picked, authentic ingredients and R.O water.

Growing at an astonishing rate of 100% within a year and a soft, or crispy but yummy part of over 10,000 families in Agra, Mathura and Gurgaon, CURRY PATA is looking at carrying its fresh ideas to nearly every B and C tier city within a 300km radius from AGRA, over the next 3 years.


What started as an interesting mix of challenges has risen to become a wonderful batter for success!!