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Sprouted Jowar Garlic Naan

This healthy version on Naan is very healthy and easy to digest, it is made using white wheat flour and jowar flour, flavoured with garlic and cooked in ghee.

Jowar is a complex carbohydrates which digests slowly which leads to gradual rise in blood sugar and that is why it is a great choice for diabetic people and for the ones loosing weight.
It is gluten free.

Currypatta's Sprouted Jowar Atta
Methi leaves
Active Dry yeast
Finely chopped garlic
Currypatta's pure A2 cow Milk Ghee for cooking

- For making the dough, mix all the things together and add warm water as in required.

- Add a tsp of oil to coat the dough until firm and keep it aside for 2 hours.

- Roll the portion of dough.

- Make round chapatis!


Your Sprouted Jowar Garlic Naan are ready to be served!

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