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Sproutedragiflour – Curry Patta
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With eating healthy now a top priority for the trendy millennial, the student,
the office goer, the business man and even the homemaker, creating recipes
that offer convenience plus nutrition is a challenge for a chef.

This is where I started to experiment with ragi.

Finger millet or ragi, by itself is a wonderful nutritional source.
However, having learnt of the many benefits it can offer,
I also knew that there are more ways to consume it and get the
best out of this super food.

That is how I started to use sprouted ragi to make ragi flour or ragi atta as it is called.
First we sprout organic ragi, dry it and then cold mill the dry sprouted ragi grains
into a fine, smooth textured flour.

This process offers two advantages; one is that sprouted ragi enhances the nutritional value
and two is that cold milling ensures every bit of nutrition is retained. The flour is many
times healthier, gluten free, low in fat and densely packed with good carbs, fibre, protein and high in calcium and iron. It is also easy to absorb and digest.

Imagine all that goodness in just one flour! What’s more the flour can easily be used as a base for a variety of everyday meals.

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