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Jowaratta – Curry Patta
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Making the maximum out of natural foods is an art we are rediscovering.
In a way, we are going back to our roots where traditional foods were given
importance in the style of food served on plates at homes.

A lack of time nowadays and also perhaps a lack of information,
has kept some really great food away from kitchens.

That is why I have consciously made an effort to start offering Sprouted Jowar Atta.

Jowar or Sorghum as it is known as, offers great nutrition when ground
into fine flour to make rotis or traditional flat bread called bhakri.

However it can get a bit heavy on the digestive system. But knowing that the
right way to get the best out of this great millet is to sprout it, I started to
sprout the jowar and make nutritious flour out of it.  Sprouting increases the
nutritional content and makes it really easy for the body to digest and
absorb vital nutrients.

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